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The Grand Finale

Hi Christian friends.  The latest prophetic update by Pastor J. D. Farag deals with the crushing weight of the latest agenda of Lawlessness which starts well over a hundred years ago when President Woodrow Wilson reported on many industry leaders who privately mentioned the growth of evil and lawlessness in society in America so long ago.  J. D. Farag also quotes how Communist leadership had been selecting plans since around 1928 how Russia had been preparing detailed programs to weaken US racial differences – the chaos, the plans for racial differences, the raging urban fires, the ambushing of police and so on by those local BLM and Antifa terrorist groups which are acting similarly today.

He continues to show how the Seattle situation today has led to increases in homocides, homosexual rapes and other crimes which now show how terrorist activity can be likely to increase in many large cities.

He then shows how the typology in the story of the Nebuchadnezzar statue and the fiery furnace in Daniel chapter 3 can be a very clear picture of the prediction of the antichrist in Revelation 13.  There is a similarity in the political developments showing in the future of our country and many other places as the situation develops as the Grand Finale.


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