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Be Alert AND Alarmed!

The government slogan pushed after 9-11 was “Be alert but not alarmed.”

I think that could be modified to apply to Christians today regarding the Church: We should be both alert AND alarmed at what is happening all around us.

The world is merrily and blindly partying its way to hell.  But the Church, those for whom Christ died, is in grave danger of the same fate if we do not stay awake and stand up for the truth.

In previous issues I have warned about the false doctrines and emphases of popular Christianity, like  the Word-Faith heresy of  Hinn, Copeland, Houston and Creflo Dollar.

I have also warned about the support and accommodation of homosexual behaviour and adultery within the Church today.

The watering down of the gospel to a sentimental “Come to Jesus” without calls to repentance or teachings about God’s righteous judgment, are also matters that must concern us.

This week I will touch on a few names of false teachers you may not realise are influencing the Churches in Australia, and how, subtly and ‘harmlessly’ we are being worn down to accept them.

Tony Campolo and Beth Moore

Two of the ‘Baptist darlings’ of the USA are having a lot of influence on the so-called evangelical Churches in Australia today.

Both are very popular teachers and their books and videos sell many thousands and bring in millions of dollars.

But, BOTH of them are teaching unbiblical things that had no place in true Christianity until many of the mainstream Churches seem to have recently endorsed them for whatever reason.

Campolo is a well-known Baptist pastor, youth leader and sociology professor, who teaches that God has no prophetic future for the Jews.  He denies the importance of the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecies concerning the Jews, Israel and Jerusalem, and he embraces replacement theology, saying that all the OT promises to the Jews now apply to the Church (but not the judgments, of course.)

Moore is influential with a broad spectrum of women (largely Baptist) in Australia because of the seemingly godly insights which she teaches.

However, recently she has revealed that she hears God speaking directly to her, and that He is telling her to promote two well-known American practitioners of contemplative prayer: that practice which teaches that communion with God can be achieved with word and phrase repetition in prayer form: not with the intellect.

We should avoid all their unbiblical teachings.

Brian McLaren and Rob Bell

These two are part of the emerging or ’emergent church’ movement, which has gained a strong foothold in some Australian Churches largely due to the incredible acceptance of their teachings by some Church leaders who have been seduced away from the real gospel.

Christians from many Churches have read books or been to seminars led by the disciples of McLaren and Bell and they are fed such heretical nonsense as:

Supporting Israel as God’s chosen people is ‘deadly and distorted’.  [McLaren]

Homosexual unions should be blessed by the Church. [McLaren recently officiated at the homosexual ‘marriage’ of his son.]

There is no such place as hell.  [Bell – No puns please!]

The teaching that God gave His Son to die is no better than ‘cosmic child abuse.‘ [McLaren]

People sometimes wonder why I have a bee in my bonnet about exposing this type of rubbish.  I can tell you it is driven by my indignation that God is so maligned, as well as my love for all the body of  Christ, to see such lying inroads being made into His flock, and ‘my people love to have it so’ because they have no discernment.

The Chrislam Fiasco

I have already dealt with the problem of Islam facing both the Church and Australian society in general.

An incredible development has been taking place in Europe, Africa and USA in recent times – the promotion of ‘Chrislam’, an amalgam of Christianity and Islam, which can only appeal to those who have zero knowledge of the Bible teaching of the deity of Jesus.

Yet there are some clergymen, and many ignorant sheep, who have fallen for the line that the best way to allay Islamic terrorism is to create a religion based on compromise.

Apart from soft-headed ‘Christians’ who would join such a ‘church’?  Can you imagine a Muslim  com-promising his own belief to accommodate the ‘do-gooders’ sitting in the pews of some type of emerging Church?

The concept of ‘Chrislam’ may appeal to those who are dead in sin, but not to those who truly believe in the salvation gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Brian McLaren has said: ‘We are emerging into a new era of Christian faith as a ‘living colour’ global community…’

However, Revelation 18 shows us just what such a ‘living colour global community’ is coming to this earth – and soon!

Discern Everything – Especially What is NEW

I guess the bottom line in all of this is to remind us all to beware of anything that changes in Christianity.  While some changes would obviously be for the good, anything new must be carefully discerned.

Any new teaching, any new emphasis, any

changed interpretation or supposed revelation must always be carefully judged on the basis of the  true, historic, orthodox gospel as recorded in the New Testament by the apostles in the 1st century.

It’s the old story told by Paul in all his letters –

don’t deviate from the written word and the gospel he preached, or we will inevitably slide down the same destructive track as the cults, the Bible-haters, the reconstructionists, the replacementists, the spiritualisers,  those seeking signs and those worshipping images.

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