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Is it Really Different?

For 18 weeks I have been producing this newsletter, trying to show my readers that Christianity and the Churches in Australia today bear very little resemblance to just 50 years ago, let alone early Church days.

I am not talking about cultural differences – I am talking about the quality of faith and true Christian teaching and living.

It is increasingly apparent  that we are witnessing the breakdown of society as well as of Christian truth.

In the face of increased  laziness, scoffing, ignorance and squabbling, I believe we are actually participating in the slide into the apostasy and prophetic ignorance predicted  clearly and often in the New Testament by every writer.

The scoffers within the Churches [and they are not few] love to point out ‘it was always the same back then’ without any historical study or thought to support their ill-conceived theories. I wonder if they know they are actually fulfilling prophecy with such an opinion?  [see 2 Peter 3].

This week I will examine the reasons I believe they think that way, then show you the factors which are operating now; hopefully you will see more clearly why this current period of history is really different.

Is It Just The Same as Always?

But haven’t Christ’s followers always believed they were living in the ‘last days’?

The answer is ‘yes, of course’, because this is what Jesus and the apostles taught.  And, to God, this whole Church period of grace is ‘the last days.’

But there is something else: take the Crusades during the mediaeval period.  The nations at the centre of world events then were the same ones that were prophesied in Daniel and Revelation, so many Christians thought they were living in the final times of the last days then.  Around the year 1000 AD there was great apocalyptic hysteria among some groups.

Israel [then Palestine], its Muslim neighbours as well as the Papal Roman Empire countries have all been big players on the world stage at some points in the last thousand years of the ‘last days.’

So is today any different?

What about the major dictators originating from the same ‘Roman Empire’ over the years, eg, Charlemagne the Great, Napoleon , Mussolini and Hitler?  Were they not all considered to be Anti-christ by many Christians living at their time?  Yes.

And what of the periods of Church apostasy in the past?  Hasn’t that happened over and over in Church history?  Yes.


Today it’s different, and in the rest of this newsletter I will explain how and why.

No – It Ain’t the Same

This current generation is now experiencing possibilities, events and developments, that previous ones were not experiencing at all.

The apostle Peter told of a fiery destruction of the biosphere in 2 Peter 3:10, and Jesus warned that if He does not return that ‘no flesh’ will be saved.  [Matt 24:22]. Never before in the world’s history has it been possible for all life to be exterminated at once.

Then, because of Jesus’ predictions [eg, Luke 21:24] it is necessary that the Jews be regathered in Jerusalem and Israel generally.

This last requirement was not in place for the whole period between 70 AD and 1948 AD.  It’s only in this present era that those conditions of the Jews in Israel can be met.  This is what makes this time not the same as other times.

These things are taking place at a time when Romans 11 states that the Jews will be re-grafted back into the Church. This is happening now as never before. And the plethora of apostates on TV and social media have brought to light an amazing range of false teachings.  Who would have thought the Church would be even debating homosexuality?

No – it clearly ain’t the same!

Satanic Influences Today

I believe this is why Satan has seemingly become more active in his lying and deceiving roles lately.

He sees the prophesied events and conditions taking place.  He knows the climactic chance for his rebellion is not far away.  He is not omniscient like God, but he understands the Scriptures better than many Christians do.

It is the reason why God has allowed him to influence those false teachers who spout replacement theology, word-faith, extreme Calvinism as well as extreme Pentecostalism.

Did you know the AOG in the USA declared in 1948 as heretical, the very ‘latter rain’ teachings which are now being pushed by Hinn, Houston, Copeland, Meyer, Jakes, Dollar, and a lot of today’s look-alikes and even local Pentecostal people.

Not only that, but a high-profile leader such as Rick Warren has been quoted several times as saying that the study of prophecy is a diversion from what Christians ought to be doing.  If this isn’t Satan’s way of keeping today’s Christians asleep and unaware of Jesus’ warnings, I don’t know what is.

I think an honest and impartial look at Church history in the light of Scripture gives us the answer.

Be Warned!

If there are questionable leaders, movements or influences in your Church at the moment I am very sorry, but I am glad if you are in a Church which is not so corrupted.

I don’t claim to be a prophet, but I am trying to point all Christians to the warnings of the prophets, particularly the writers of the New Testament.

We should discern any leaders recommended by a  denominational headquarters – many are not to be trusted.

Jesus warned that, in the days before He returned to earth, there would be such a falling away that ‘many’ would be deceived. [Matt 24:4-5]

Jesus told us that many of the signs to expect would involve spiritual deception.

Watch and pray!

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