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How Deceived Are You?

If you are not being deceived somehow, by someone or something at the moment I believe you must be living on Mars.
The world is full of deception and you and I are the targets. Sometimes we euphemistically call this deception ‘spin.’ But spin is what we are all subject to, and often the spinning attitude and ability will rub off onto us and we become spinners too.

Christians in particular are subject to spin because of our tendency to believe the best about people, without discernment of their ‘fruits.’
Common deceivers in the present society include: governments, politicians, media outlets – TV news and documentary writers, newspapers, teachers, advertisers, and yes, unfortunately some Churches and Church leaders. And you will notice I haven’t even mentioned car salesmen!

In this issue, I am not primarily concerned with the lies we are told continually day by day by the society round us – that has always been the case. But I am concerned about the spin which is directed at us from those who should be protecting us from it! These are the false teachers, writers and Church leaders who should know better.

The Origins of Spin

Basically, spin is what some would call a ‘white lie’ or a tendency to ‘gild the lily’ or to present only one side of an argument. Not only should we be aware of these tactics of people who are trying to get our attention, not to mention our votes or our money, but we should be aware that it is in the basic nature of human beings.

In other words, spin is not the truth, it is lies, and as such is what God calls sin. Not only that, but it is a characteristic of the natural, God-rejecting order of things.
John tells us: “… the whole world lies under the sway of the evil one.” [1 John 5:20].

The origins of spin were in the Garden of Eden, when Satan spun Eve a half-truth that she would not die. It was a half-truth because Eve did die eventually and she lost her ability to communicate on the same level as God.

Now we see how spin and lies compound upon each other as Adam was also disobedient. A Bible
teacher once tried to tell me that Adam was not really deceived in the Garden, but that his sin came from somewhere else. This perverted doctrine was based on 1 Tim 2:14, misinterpreted because it completely ignores the context: the teaching to show why women are not designed by God to usurp their husband’s authority.

That teaching is a spin as it does not accept what Paul was teaching; that “all have sinned and fall short of God’s glory.” [Romans 3:23].

Do You Walk in The Truth?

If we want to walk in the truth, we must walk in the light, according to the apostle John in 1 John 2, for example. And how do we walk in the light? By following the commands of our Lord Jesus to love God above everything else, and to love our fellow man as we love ourselves.

This is how to walk in the truth – it is not just to sit back, self-satisfied in our own salvation. It is a WALK – a progression from A to B. To walk in the light is the same thing as to ‘live in the Spirit’ as Paul tells us. The false teaching that after salvation there is nothing else we need to do is a half-truth. It is a spin, and lots of Christians are being deceived by it.

I believe it is the enemy’s way of desensitising us to the need for our continued sanctification and loving actions in response to His wonderful love and grace which has been poured over us.
To walk in His truth also requires us to live AS IF GOD’S TRUTH REALLY MATTERS IN OUR LIVES. Some Christians are deceived into thinking they can pick and choose – cafeteria-style – which parts of the Bible to accept and which to reject.

The Spin of Individual Rights

As I remember Australia in the 1950’s, and the Church of that era, Christians, although not popular, were able to influence the society and enable a semblance of stability, approval of the law and respect for everyone’s rights.

This can be summarised by the “Oath of Loyalty” we had to recite every Monday morning at school: “I love God and my country, I honour the flag, I will serve the Queen, and cheerfully obey my parents, teachers and the law.”

There was nothing inherently Christian about that declaration, but it did reflect the society’s values which were based on Christian morality for a cohesive unity.

But today we have many Christian leaders spinning their way through abortion, homosexual ‘marriage’, and individual rights or anybody who wants to claim such rights regardless of how they affect everyone else. Their ‘lens of spin’ is their pushing of everyone’s perceived happiness.

As Paul put it: ‘their god is their belly’ – their main motive is their attempt to satisfy the lusts and desires of the flesh, and Christians in the pews who are being fed this stuff are being spun into hell if they buy it.

The Lie of Evolution

One of the most deceitful lies of the enemy is the theory of the evolution of life, and in many Churches today the problem is either not being addressed or it is actually promoted by leaders.
This has been the case for at least the last 50 years in Australia despite the inroads being made by Creation Ministries and the like. The whole salvation message depends on the actual truth of the fall of man and the resulting curse – this has been clearly expressed by atheist proponents and many parts of the Church fail to see it.

It is up to our pastors and Church leaders to oppose this vicious teaching and we should all support the young people in particular who are the targets.

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