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Christian Capitulation

In this issue I would like to remind Christians that not only all is not well in our society, but some things are very sick in the Church in general.

How did many denominations and sections of denominations ever get to the point of even discussing the issue of homosexuality? 

I am not only addressing those radicals [read: Christ deniers] who are still in the Church and wish by their actions to push the homosexual marriage agenda, but those who are caught up in the ‘maybe it’s OK for them but not me’ group.

Some denominational leaders I know of are just too unwilling to stand up and preach what the Bible says about homosexuality in order to sound loving, sympathetic, inclusive and whatever else they think is ‘Christian’ – totally denying what Jesus Himself says about the whole matter in Revelation chs 21-22.

A website has published a list of ‘gay-friendly’ Churches in Australia.  Of the 14 listed for Victoria, 9 of them are Baptist Churches in Melbourne.  How can this happen?

 If a gay website knows what ‘gay-friendly’ means and recommends certain Churches, do you think they will expect not to be evangelised or confronted with the Gospel, in a Church supposedly loyal to Christ’s teachings?  We should avoid these Churches.

Tutu’s Disgrace

A really pathetic thing was brought home to me recently when a friend told me one of his evangelical senior Church leaders would like his Church to be thought of as ‘gay-friendly.’

The leader’s attitude was obviously that Christians all should be friendly to homosexuals and welcome them ‘into the Church.’  Even this is a very misleading statement by a supposed Church leader.

No one is arguing that we should be unfriendly to anyone who visits the Church, unless they have obviously come with a hostile attitude.

But the real point is: no-one can come ‘into’ Christ’s Church unless they have repented and accepted the forgiveness and salvation offered by God.  In that case they will be on a journey towards sanctification, and will have turned away from [ie, repented] of their old lifestyle.  There will be an attitudinal change, at least. They will not want to be thought of as ‘gay’ because God has called it sinful. 

That brings me to the shameful and sham-ful ‘Archbishop’ Tutu of Africa who has recently announced that he would ‘prefer to be in hell than in a homophobic heaven.’

I somehow think he will get his wish when he dies. But he will be in for a huge shock because he doesn’t believe in hell either.

Either way, he loses.  We should pray for his repentance too.

The Church’s Silence

Why is the Church, by and large, so afraid to confront homosexuality with the real Gospel of God’s love?

Admittedly it is an unpleasant subject, but homosexual ‘marriage’ is being pushed strongly by politicians and pressure groups in all the world’s Western countries.  Only the Muslim countries, Russia and parts of Africa are remaining opposed to the concept.

Believe it or not, many Australian Christians are living in ignorance, willful or otherwise.  Many think since everything seems to be going smoothly in their own little cocoon they don’t need to worry about what is happening down the road from them.

I have news for them – one day they will be forced to take sides – publicly.  Our pastors will probably be first because, if Australia goes the way of Britain, NZ  and Canada, a pastor who refuses to ‘marry’ a same sex couple will be liable to court action and fined or imprisoned.  If you stand up and support him you, too, may be charged with ‘hate’ crimes.

I have no doubt that within the next 10 years this will be the case in Australia. Churches NOW should be planning their strategy with prayer and renewed consecration.

Making a Stand

When Daniel and his three friends had to make their stand for God before King Nebuchadnezzar, they did not suddenly find that they had to immediately turn around and find some inner strength to help them overcome the evil which threatened their very lives.

THEY WERE READY FOR IT.  When the Lord God sees fit to test our walk with Him we will not find the inner strength that is promoted by the worldly psychologists, as well as by some Christians who should know better.

That ‘inner strength’ to endure only comes from God, the giver of all good and perfect gifts. Our own inner strength is only as feeble and finite as we are ourselves.

It only comes when we are already living in the knowledge of God’s power and Holy Spirit.

The time for a Christian to act in the Spirit’s power, trust in God’s never-failing ultimate love and goodness, is now, before the police show up at your door, or the men in white coats come knocking.

The lesson from Daniel’s life is to do as he did: spend time daily in prayer and Bible study, cultivate like-minded Christian friends and rely totally on the Lord God who saves us.  Be ready!

Be Prepared

I don’t think there is any need for Christians to go out of their way to put themselves in the firing line when it comes to persecution, and many for the sake of their families may deliberately keep quiet or move elsewhere.

But we should know, when the enemy strikes, that we must not deny Christ.  The best way to guard against our possible denial is not to hesitate, but to prepare right now – spiritually. 

We may not be able to do anything about the moral deterioration of this country or the world, but we do have a say in the local Church.  We have a duty of care to fellow Christians and a duty to our Master to persevere and endure till He comes again, maybe very soon.

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