A Newsletter of Opinion on Current Australian Christianity

Faithful Bill Muehlenberg, a Baptist from a Melbourne suburb, wrote recently on his blog:

‘A good part of the reason why Western society is in such a contemptible mess is because Western churches are in a contemptible mess. Instead of being salt and light as Jesus commanded (not suggested), the churches are mostly asleep, apathetic and anaemic.

Far too many Christians are compromised, carnal or corrupt.

Even scarier is the fact that many churches are actually promoting the ungodly agendas of the world, instead of resisting them, and being a standard for truth, godliness and righteousness. Far too many churches are just taking up space: they are doing nothing about halting the moral and spiritual decline all around them, and are in fact often contributing to it.

There are enough Christians in this country to have a real positive influence – an influence for good and for righteousness. Yet the majority seem to have their mouths shut and their eyes closed. They see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. Evil is triumphing all around them, yet they say and do nothing.’   How true! http://www.billmuehlenberg.com/2013/10/22/dysfunctional-churches-mean-dysfunctional-societies/

The Silence is Deafening

Muehlenberg continues:

‘This is reprehensible and it is something Christ will deal with come judgment time. What lame excuses will be offered when we stand before our Lord and try to explain why we did nothing to be a Christian witness in a very needy world?

The most recent example of the church missing in action comes from the ACT.

The leftist government there has just passed a homosexual marriage bill.

This silly legislation is of course not only in breach of the Federal Marriage Act, but is nothing more than a stunt by the Labor/Green social activists in the ACT to push their radical social engineering agenda. It passed by just one vote (the Liberals voted against it).

It will be challenged by the Abbott Government in the courts, but it is another waste of taxpayers’ money, and another example of unrepresentative government. But the real question is this: where were all the Christians in the ACT? Why did we hear so little from so many of them?

There are enough Christians there alone to have put enough pressure on their local members to not head down this path. A simple phone call or email would have sufficed. Yet how many actually did so?  Very few I suspect. So once again the church has failed miserably in its obligation and responsibility to be salt and light.’

A Case Closer to Home

A friend of mine had reason to attend a so-called Baptist Church in Melbourne’s western suburbs just a week or so ago.

A baptismal service was being held and, since I wasn’t there I will only comment on the very long and formal Order of Service that was handed out.  There were so many false teachings I noted in the songs chosen and thoughts expressed that I nearly gave up reading. Of course it was all mixed up with some very profound truths about Father, Son and Holy Spirit that the lazy participant could easily have swallowed the poison with the truth.

What sort of ‘Church’ would do that? 

Since this was a baptismal service I expected the liturgy to address the issues of repentance, sin, baptism, new life and salvation.

It was not until page 8 (of 12) that the ‘faith received’ was referred to.  Nothing specifically defining that faith was noted.

And it was not until the ‘blessing of the baptismal waters’ on page 9 that poetic references were made to Christ ‘burying our sins’, yet nothing of His sacrifice for us.

‘Our God and Mother’?

But the cruncher came when the congregation was told to repeat this heretical line:

“… with joy we baptise you, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit – one God and Mother [my emphasis] of all creation.”

I thought if this had just been a mistake rather than a deliberate attempt to push the feminist god heresy the final prayer, would not have been used:

“May the blessing of God go before you, may her grace and peace abound. May her Spirit, etc, etc.”

This is a horrible blasphemy which tries to insert gender inclusivism into the ‘faith once delivered to the saints’ and treats God as a liar when he reveals Himself in the Bible as male, not as female.

This is a particularly dangerous trend in a Church because it is a serious departure from New Testament Christianity.  It usually comes about when people think they know better than God and change His name and attributes in the vain and prideful attempt to recast Him in their own mould, so as to seem culturally acceptable to the world.  May God remove their lampstand, as in Revelation ch 2.

Pollution of the Faith

In the case of the service I have been describing, there is no way you could call it either Baptist or biblical.

We lay people with an ounce of scriptural knowledge and respect for God’s Word and His eternal Son ought to always be ready to speak out about such apparently deliberate deviations from the historic faith.

The Church and denominational leaders involved in what is probably best described as just another example of emergent church pollution ought to be severely disciplined, but knowing this will probably not happen until the judgment, I won’t be holding my breath.

We should all look up and pray, ‘Come soon, Lord Jesus.’


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