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The Current Situation

My apologies to those of you who have been frustrated by my lack of communication over the last few months.  In retirement I have been as busy as I ever seem to have been, and one interest seems to be followed by another – I guess they call it inability to concentrate or something.

On the other hand I am under no illusions as to the number of you who have been reading my posts.  The statistics show me there are a large number of visitors, from many different countries, but there is no way to judge as to how many are actually reading or the way they are being helped by my thoughts.

This is my fault of course because I don’t want the hassle of dealing with spam, unhelpful comments or bad language which other blogs often seem to attract if they are not constantly attended.  If you do want to contact me however and you don’t know how, you may translate the following into an acceptable email address and so get through:  Lindsay AT geelongweatherservices.com.au.  I am sure you will know how to do that.

Australian Christianity is KAPUT

We continue to participate in the greatest falling away from the true faith that has ever occurred in our history.  My intention is not that faithful Christians should be revelling in knowing and spreading the bad news about this Church and that Church, or this corrupt leader or that one;  Paul knew the same things about the Church he started in Corinth, for example.

What I believe we ought to be doing is to see clearly what is happening around us, and to realise our only hope is to STAND FIRM, as the New Testament teaches, so that we do not fall into the same bad habits as the Church and the world around us.

I say Australian Christianity is kaput because of one main reason:  broadly, modern Churches are becoming totally infected by the concept that God is not primarily interested in our sin any more, but in our happiness and fulfilment.  Now the underlying deception here is that God does say that if we accept His Son’s salvation then we are on the path to eternal happiness, but He doesn’t say that obediently following Christ will automatically result in a pain-free or even a financially comfortable existence on this planet.

Everything is now ME first.  This attitude, this concept is taken straight from the world, as it always has been.  Number One has always been the problem with mankind, but I believe never before has it been so noticeable as in the modern-day Church.

Many Christians are totally driven by the world – in attitudes, in behaviour, in dress fashions, in speech, in the use of money to entertain ourselves, in cars, and in the way we work and spend leisure time.  This isn’t just a problem with young people, but with many of us retirees as well.  “We’ve worked hard all our lives – why shouldn’t we spend our money and enjoy ourselves?  It’s MY money.”

‘It’s MY life – I decide what I want.  I deserve the best.’  But worse still is the “God wants to put you first and for you to be happy in all that you do – have your best life NOW.”  Even the worldly attitude to money and possessions isn’t as bad as those so-called Christians who have precisely this same approach.

If this is a call of any sort to Christians in today’s Churches, it has not originated inside my head.  It is black-and-white on the pages of scripture where Jesus said, “If anyone would follow me he must deny himself and follow me.”  He didn’t suggest we just change our attitudes a little and give more to persecuted Christians, nor did He require just a more empathetic attitude towards the outcasts – He required a dramatic repentance on our part and a totally new direction for our lives.

If modern Church-goers don’t get this from their leaders, priests, pastors or ministers, then they are not hearing the real gospel.  They are hearing a false teacher with a totally false interpretation of the gospel of Jesus’ salvation to save us from God’s wrath, which is the overwhelming message of the New Testament.  These are the days of Noah and Lot, with the spirit of antichrist growing ever  stronger by the day.

I pray all Christians will take a good, hard look at themselves and their Churches.  I pray all Church leaders will do the same and repent of sugar-coated Christianity in their messages and behaviour.


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