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Stay Awake!

No serious Christian at present would doubt that the last days are upon us: the four horsemen of the apocalypse seem to have been released and the world is in absolute turmoil – but things will get much worse as God introduces mankind to His judgments in the Great Tribulation.

The ultimate antichrist has not yet been revealed for the Tribulation to begin, but midnight is approaching fast.  Most of the world has already been seduced by the lies and deceit of antichrist; just think about it if you haven’t already.  Here are just a few to start:

1.  Homosexuality – non-negotiable as far as the Christians are concerned.

2.  Islamisation – as anti-Christian a religion as you will ever find.

3.  Materialism – our whole society is based on this (Mammon rules).

4.  Pornography – widespread use by all parts of the community.

5.  Drugs – the easy access and societal disintegration continues to grow.

5.  Politics – lies, spin, deceit dominate the field.

6.  Everyday advertising – who can believe anything we are told?

7.  Global Warming – a United Nations ploy to forcibly redistribute wealth.

To make matters worse, the Church has become infected not only with the lies already mentioned, but with buckets of false teachings, propounded by televangelists, popular books, videos, songs, entertainment Churches with pop theologies of all sorts – a veritable cafeteria of beliefs to suit all tastes, and worship music to serve everyone first and God last.  Many pastors have no understanding of the gospel of salvation or the need to preach it.  Even the Catholic Pope has made some rather questionable statements recently on homosexual marriage which have prompted some of his cardinals to roll their eyes in disbelief.

“I Know all That!”

OK I guess you can see all that and you are rightly concerned that the face of today’s Christianity is nothing like what it was even 50-60 years ago, let alone in New Testament times.  My concern is that our society is too far gone to encourage a re-awakening of morals and that nowhere do I read in the Scriptures that any great revival will take place in the last days – the main descriptions of the last days, according to the New Testament, involve great deceit.  Jesus warned us of this as His first point in Matthew 24.  “Do not be deceived …”

True, we need to make sure we continue to propagate the gospel and bring people to salvation through repentance and godly living.  But a great priority now is to continue to encourage one another to live holy lives so that we are not overwhelmed by the world or its beliefs and attitudes which have overtaken many Christians all around us.

In other words, we are to “hold the fort”, “occupy the crease” until He comes for us.  (See Luke 19:13).  He does not want us to stop preaching the gospel or doing the good works we have been ordained to do, but to STAND FIRM on what we believe.

Homosexual marriage is not even on the agenda for a Christian.  Why waste time talking about it?

Islam and Christianity have nothing in common.  Why discuss it when we can see their real agenda of bloodshed and domination?

Materialism and its close relative prosperity gospel are diametrically opposed to Jesus’ teachings.  Pure greed is the motivation here – a blind man can see it.

As for pornography, drugs and false advertising, we should encourage one another not to get involved in such diversions as they are likely to lead us away into hell.  Similarly with the false gospel of global warming and environmental salvation – the Church has much bigger fish to fry!

But if the world won’t listen, what are we to do?  We are to WATCH and PRAY (Mark 14:38).  STAND FIRM, as Jesus also tells us and as we see numerous times in the outworking of God’s plan – be like men such as Daniel, like David, like Paul, like the Apostles.  Don’t fall away – don’t go soft with all the propaganda and pressure – don’t let down your guard – don’t fold up against the onslaught of Satanic influences – seemingly subtle sometimes, but often deadly to an ongoing Christian life.

As Jesus reminds us in Matthew 10:38: ” … anyone who does not take his cross and follow me is not worthy of me.”   Very sobering words indeed.  We need to encourage one another in this conflict.


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