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Should We Judge?

The question of Christians making judgments on others has often been misunderstood, and so many people are taught that they must sit back and tolerate sinful actions and other activities in the Church.  As the following article points out we MUST be discerning in judging rightly the actions and words of others.  How do we do this in a way that is taught in the Bible?


As the article concludes, ‘The key to understanding Jesus’ teaching is to look at the condition of one’s own heart. We are to make proper judgments about right and wrong, but not out of pride or self-righteousness. We are not to take God’s place in judging. We are not to condemn others. However, we are to be discerning and act appropriately on truth.”  This is not always clearly declared from the pulpit.

Now when it comes to judging someone’s teaching, the situation is somewhat different.  See this link:


So we have a duty of discernment – this is not an option for the Christian.

Let’s all remember that and may God bless you.

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