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Where Are We Now?

In the Church today there are some frightening signs of further falling away, as prophesied by Jesus and the Apostles, before the Rapture, and before the revealing of Antichrist and the Day of the Lord.

As Jackie Alnor writes in the link below: “The arguing back and forth has sent many Christians into isolation where they can be alone with just the Bible, free of controversy. Alone with God’s Word to find encouragement, faith, hope, and spiritual salve for festering wounds inflicted by well-meaning brothers in Christ.”


Meanwhile Bill Muehlenberg documents with uncomfortable precision the growing persecution of Christians and the faith in the so-called “democratic west.”  It’s uncomfortable because there are not many who will stand up and be counted in opposition to the increasing erosion of the rights of Christians throughout the traditional Christian countries:


I don’t always agree with everything these authors write, but these articles will help us all to see where we are at the moment in God’s plan for mankind.

God bless you all.

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