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The demise of the Christian Church as we used to know it, which used to preach the gospel and warn of God’s judgement  has now all but disappeared  It has been given the flick in many quarters and, if you are of Scottish background, you may be hearing Auld Lang Syne  played by faithful Watchman’s Bagpipes author Glenn Chatfield.  Glenn quotes the following statement by John MacArthur:

“A dangerous consequence of the spread and influence of megachurches and media ministries is that many Christians now evaluate their churches and ministries based on all the wrong things.  They want the extraordinary.  They expect non-stop excitement, amazing growth, cutting-edge programs and novel techniques.  Faithful proclamation of Scripture in the pulpit, a godly congregation that faithfully worships together and pursues sanctification under leadership – all that smacks of the ordinary.  And ordinary just isn’t enough.  Evangelicalism has cultivated an adolescent appetite and expectation for an emotionally fulfilling, ever-expanding, earth-shattering church experience that ordinary just can’t compete with.”


Can you think of some local examples?  There are at least 4 such Churches within a few kilometres radius of my home.  If you have read some of my opinions in the past you will know where I stand on this matter so there is no need to repeat myself.

We are witnessing the great apostasy all around us.  Pray that your minister, pastor or Church leaders will not be the next to succumb to the world in one form or another.

A very clearly expressed appeal to anyone calling themselves a Christian can be seen at this link:


And finally, some good news:
I can’t vouch for any requests for donations from any group linked above, but I can and do thank the Lord Jesus Christ for seeing fit to get those Christian families out of immediate danger, for His own Glory.
Why don’t we hear more about the treatment of our persecuted brethren from the pulpits in our own Churches, even the ‘evangelical’ ones?

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