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Creeping Crocodiles

A couple of excellent posts on the internet today, first from Glenn Chatfield:


and David Dombrowski:


The first one deals with the ‘creeping crocodile’ of subversive and world-loving attitudes towards worship expressed in the western Church more and more frequently nowadays.

The second article deals with the same poisonous attitudes and teachings of the new spirituality movement, addressed to American Churches but totally relevant to the so-called ‘progressive Christianity’ Churches in Australia.

Things really haven’t changed much in the last 50 years – it’s just different people pushing their own unchristian agendas, doctrines, attitudes and contemporary non-gospel which have the effect of enticing more and more people away from the Biblical gospel.  It’s not just the world that is going to hell in a hand basket – it’s the Church, or what passes for it sometimes.

I get very weary of fighting this sort of stuff and it can wear you down, which is exactly what Rick Warren and his mates like Hillsong want to do.  If standing up for the historical Gospel faith as preached by the Apostles is important to me and others like me, we must continue whatever the cost.  I intend to do just that, God willing.

Please pray – your prayers are very important!

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