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Living on Mars

Only those Christians who are off the planet (I can think of a few) must be failing to see what is happening before their very eyes at the moment.  There are so many signs pointing to the return of the Lord for His Church and so I feel compelled to warn everyone yet again that the Christianity being practiced today certainly ‘Ain’t the Same” as that demonstrated in the New Testament.

Let’s look at just a few:

1.  The growth of “Worshiptainment”.  Those people brought up in evangelical Churches in the 1950’s and 60’s would be hard pressed to differentiate between a worship service and a stage-mounted, laser-lit, over-amplified rock concert today.  In my home town there are several large wanna-be mega-Churches trying to emulate the Hillsong worldly success story.

See the link here:


Of course the real gospel gets pushed into the background.  The blind say it’s the way Christianity is today – you have to appeal to the youth; the leaders say it’s all about God’s best life for you NOW – forget about heaven and hell; the money chasers say it’s all about prosperity on earth – something Jesus NEVER taught; and the left-wing cultural sycophants think the gospel means only reconciliation between races, or promoting Islam or homosexual marriage or some other politically-correct abomination.

The thing all these Churches have in common is their emphasis on the here and now – that’s why there is little mention of the way of salvation for eternity – repentance from sin, Christian living and obedience to Christ.  That’s why prayer and Bible Study rate so lowly in Christian circles these days.  And speaking of prayer and Bible Study:

2.  The Study of What?  Over the last few years there has been a worrying emphasis on the study of the latest author’s book.  Even a so-called Bible Study book by a respected evangelical leader cannot be trusted any more to deliver the whole straightforward gospel without putting forward their own emphases such as John Piper (Calvinism), John Stott and Rob Bell (anti-hell), Tony Campolo (pro-homosexuality) or any of the popular televangelists from Houston to the appropriately named Creflo Dollar.  And enough said about videos from Southern Baptist Beth Moore or Kay Arthur – these women have serious deficiencies in their Biblical understanding – see these links:



Let me say there is no substitute for a verse-by-verse Bible Study led by a long-term student of the Scriptures relying on solid expositional commentaries by scholarly saints.  To rely on somebody’s questions in a book or a video with one-word answers is best suited to a poorly organised children’s class for robots with pencils in hand.

Neither is Bible Study facilitated by someone’s video – Bible Study is study of the Bible – the Words of God speaking through the Scriptures into our hearts by the Holy Spirit.  I believe we short-change the Holy Spirit when we do not allow Him to speak though the Word (properly translated, not a paraphrase) and put into practice by the participants.

Those of us who can see what’s going on must continue to warn our fellow Christians even if it means being labelled as a trouble-maker, a fundamentalist, a dinosaur or a conspiracy theorist.  The Scriptures and the Christianity taught by Jesus and the Apostles should come first – NOT the 21st-century interpretation of such, which in fact is not an interpretation at all, but is as Paul said “another gospel.”

Hoping you are not living on Mars, and God bless you.


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