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The Rapid Decline

In my 70+ years of life I can’t remember a time when so much has happened, and is continuing to happen, so rapidly.  I am most concerned about problems in the Church, about which I have written quite a bit in the last few years, but there are so many issues and events occurring all over the world at the moment which affect the Church, let alone society in general.

And with the condition of the Church being so degraded at the moment, one can almost feel that the Book of Revelation had been written for this generation alone (it wasn’t of course).  Everything is lining up for the Lord Jesus to intervene, and after the measure of sin is full, after the measure of the Gentiles has been completed, after all the early birth pangs (earthquakes, wars, etc) and just before the revealing of antichrist, the Lord has promised to deliver us from God’s wrath which He will pour out on the earth in the Great Tribulation.

In Bill Muehlenberg’s words:

“We are so overcome with relativism, truth decay, political correctness, and idiotic ideas about tolerance that we refuse to get shook up about anything, and we remain rock hard regardless of all the warnings about our own doom. Perhaps we can understand non-Christians acting this way, but it seems Christians are hardly any better.”


Are you expectantly waiting, as I am?  Remember Jesus told His followers “Watch and pray.”

I truly hope so.

God bless you.

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