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Satanic Tide

A very good and easily readable article on homosexuality and the Church is linked below.  A few years ago we would say ‘it only happens in America’, or ‘whatever it is it won’t get to Australia for 5 or 10 years’.  But today we find all the hideous abuses of Christian doctrine, regardless of their origin, actually are here within seconds, and are snapped up by the ‘progressives’, the emergent and the ‘relevant’ within the Church in order to justify rubbish like the following article describes.

But those of us who are older will recognise the arguments used have been around for a long time: it’s just now that they have been dredged up again to blind the gullible because of a deep desire to be relevant to the society we live in.

Arguments such as those condoning the Church membership of active homosexuals are being increasingly accepted by some Churches, to their everlasting shame.  To call a perversion OK is not acceptable in God’s sight and shouldn’t be in ours.  If Jesus hadn’t come to save everyone who repents of sin and believes, there is absolutely no sense in anything the Church teaches.

Those nominal Christians who defend homosexual behaviour, or abortion as ‘pro-choice’, or the immigration of suspected terrorists into our country are, in the name of a loving God, twisting Scripture to suit their agenda.  It’s an agenda which, not so coincidentally, happens to coincide with the worst of the left-aligned, green, Australian Labor party (ALP) whose leadership have recently succumbed to the spirit of the age (his name is Satan).

For those abroad, the ALP has recently given notice that party members will soon have to toe the line and vote in favour of homosexual marriage in the country.  Some pundits have named it the Sodomite Party of Australia, and so it should be re-named, in my opinion.

It may not even take that long … a parliamentary vote is likely to occur on the issue sometime next month.  You just have to keep abreast of the secular news to see their promotion of all things perverted and twisted.

There is no doubt; there is a satanic tide of abominations building in the world at the moment – led by the USA and its President, and it is very active in Australia and in many of its Churches.

In this blog I am mostly concerned about the state of the Churches.  Those who belong to apostate and apostasing Churches ought to get out of there as soon as they can.

I recommend the following article for your information, prayers and action in whatever ways you can.


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