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Quantum Backflip

I’m sure it won’t need me to inform readers of the quantum leap backwards taken by the US Supreme Court in attempting to force states to legalise “marriages” between homosexuals.  It seems like the governments of the whole western world have been falling over themselves recently (no pun intended) to be the next to legalise sodomite unions and call it “marriage.”

The Australian situation is little better with the media as a whole being driven by the gay agenda just as a parliamentary debate and vote will be coming up at the end of August.  (Ever wondered why it’s all happening now?  Remember there are no coincidences with God and that everything now is running at increasing speed towards the end – it all reminds me of lemming behaviour).

It may come as a shock to some however that some Churches are already showing their solidarity with the political left-leaning “progressives” under the hijacked rainbow banner representing God’s love.  This is the end as far as western morality is concerned, and it is the end as far as those Churches are concerned.  In fact it is indicative of the prophesied last days as the signs of the times are becoming clearly focussed before the Rapture and Tribulation.

One Baptist church in Melbourne’s western suburbs, whose stance I know about, proclaims itself as an inclusive, gay-friendly body, thereby joining the enemy’s forces as the wolf in sheep’s clothing – not because it is welcoming to homosexual people trapped in sin, but BECAUSE IT DOES NOT PREACH THE GOSPEL TO THEM, thus leaving them in their perverted lifestyle which is what Jesus and Paul call fornication.  I am sure there must be many similar Churches who deliberately fail to alert those people to their sin and their need of Christ’s forgiveness.  And their numbers are growing.

And doesn’t it seem illogical that those calling for “marriage equality” are not interested in real marriage anyway?  Most homosexual activities involve promiscuity, not lifetime unions.

And does “marriage equality” mean I can marry my sister (if I had one), or several people?  The whole thing is completely ludicrous.

But the situation is dire – the signs of Jesus’ return are all around us – both the geophysical signs (eg, the increased reporting of natural disasters) as well as the geopolitical ones (eg, the anti-Israel stance of USA and the Pope), not to mention the apparently imminent financial crisis looming.

For those who didn’t know, the Pope has just signed a treaty of friendship with the “State of Palestine”, a country which doesn’t even exist but has greedy eyes on Israel’s territory and an often-stated aim of completing Hitler’s evil plan of exterminating the Jews.

We should have guessed this treaty would eventually happen because of the Dominionist philosophy which the Catholic Church has taught since the days of Constantine.  I think we conservative evangelical Christians ought to keep a close eye on this Pope – a very dangerous shepherd if there ever was one.

By the way, I have just been reading a book called “Prepare for Persecution” by Maria Kneas.  It is an excellent approach to a rapidly advancing situation written with a very Biblical outlook – in other words, “prepare now BEFORE you need to.”  The author does not get carried away by recommending we all go into hiding or stash away water, food or cash – she shows us through Scripture extracts how we should behave as faithful Christians.  It’s good advice for times of peace as well as persecution.

May God bless all of you.

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