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Music That Divides

Christian music used in worship can be a factor that divides a Church: everyone knows that – it has happened countless times.  As a musician (of sorts) I have had enough experience to know that the worship leaders of many Churches are often musically ignorant – ignorant maybe not in the performing sense but in the sense that that they have no appreciation for what their congregations are capable of singing.

Notice that I said “capable of singing” not willing to sing.  The two are very different.  Simply put, most modern new choruses and songs are unsingable by congregations of mixed genders, ages and backgrounds.  There are some notable exceptions such as the compositions of British musician Stuart Townend whose “How Deep the Father’s Love”,  “In Christ Alone” and “The Power of the Cross” are head and shoulders above anything produced by Hillsong.

For accurate and understandable depths of doctrine to tune, rhyme, rhythm and singability, Townend’s offerings outshine most others.

And this brings me to a new article by Tim Challies at:


quoted in:


It’s well worth the few minutes to read it in full.  All music leaders, pastors and worship leaders ought to note carefully what he says about the issues.  These issues affecting corporate worship put the emphasis in worship from self to God and from entertainment to participation.

Please read it, and God bless you as you sing or play!

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