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Good News?

I guess there are a couple of good news stories for the Church in Australia this week:  the statement made by Brian Houston who has declared Hillsong New York’s acceptance of homosexuals as Church leaders was a mistake, and, the Government’s temporary blocking of legalising homosexual marriage.

  1.  The Hillsong affair. (How many more of these are there going to be?)  Finally BH has made reasonably clear that his Church will accept homosexuals into the congregation (and just who was against that idea anyway?) as long as they are not officially in positions of leadership.  This is not what the gay-left-activist ‘Christians’ wanted of course – nothing but full membership rights including gay ordination of women at the highest Church levels will satisfy them. The rest of the Christian world looks on with various stages of bemusement when BH makes a public statement – it is very clear that he is desperately trying to hold onto the homosexual members he has without being seen to be a part of the perversion his statements may seem to promote.  As to the question of Church membership and discipline – that is a question which will present itself in due course – probably sooner rather than later.  And what of existing Church members who ‘come out of the closet’?  Will there be any discipline imposed so that the Church in the world’s eyes will be seen to be acting as the body of Christ?  Don’t hold your breath.
  2. Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s strong stand against homosexual marriage has resulted in the predictable howling and squealing from Labor and the Greens.  What the 66-33 vote in the Liberal-National coalition party room against a free vote in an upcoming private member’s bill actually means of course is that two thirds of the Government support traditional marriage in this country.  The decision virtually guarantees that the proposed Bill will not become Law.  That’s OK for now.  What it means in the case of a leadership change, or a government change at the next general election, is not clear to anybody.  However to stand firm on this occasion in the face of the prowling lions of the media (almost to a man – or woman – or what?) is no small feat for our Prime Minister.

My interpretation of these two news items is that they may indicate a victory in the short term, but it indicates nothing about the result of the longer battle.  Just as Satan never gives up, and always comes back with his own deadly counter-measures when he can, his cohorts, in this case the pro-homo lobby, will never admit defeat.

Why should we expect it to be otherwise?  In these last days we are to anticipate continued and worse apostasy in the Church and increasing lawlessness in the community.  I expect deterioration in the community but I will continue to oppose apostasy in the Church.

Hoping you are the same – God bless you!

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