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Christians and Turncoats

Most Australian Christians of the conservative evangelical type were dismayed when a leadership spill of the Parliamentary Liberal Party resulted in the election of Malcolm Turnbull as Prime Minister over the incumbent Tony Abbott.

Recently Mr Abbott had made abundantly clear the Federal Government would stick with two major policies – not to mention quite a few minor ones – in the immediate future: homosexual “marriage” and immigration.

On the first issue he stood firm and directed there would be no change to the party’s attitude towards a one man – one woman definition of marriage, much to the cat-calling, ridicule and scoffing of the so-called intelligentsia of the Labor and Green parties, and even from some within his own ranks.  And this was in spite of independent public polls suggesting that at least 70% of the population wanted the status quo.

Mr Abbott of course is a God-fearing man, and this would have been reason enough to be attacked by his enemies.  But his recent decision to restrict Syrian refugee immigration to those groups “most at risk” – ie, Christians – was enough to set the wolves out to get him.

Not just Shorten, Hanson-Young and their ilk, but one Malcolm Turnbull, who, because of his behaviour in the past few years, saw the opportunity, from within his own party, to gather behind him the supporters necessary to do a hatchet job on the Christian Prime Minister.

Australian democracy has one major flaw in spite of its overall efficiency – it is possible to create a Prime Minister who may be only an ordinary Member of Parliament.  The Parliamentary Party in government can select any member it chooses to hold that august office.  Be that as it may, the fact remains that Malcolm Turnbull is now our Prime Minister and I see several major turn-arounds just waiting to happen.

I am not a political commentator, but I believe at least two things are going to happen, or variations on them.

  1. Mr Turnbull will insist on another vote regarding the party’s stand on homosexual marriage  – he will not want a plebiscite of course.
  2. He will also use his influence to try and turn around the order to allow Syrian Christians only to migrate here.  This is largely a matter for the Immigration Department and Turnbull has already appointed one of his supporters to the ministerial role.  No guesses here regarding policy!

Turnbull holds to no Christian ethics and recognises no higher god than his own self.  His potential to create great turmoil and turbulence is really no laughing matter, despite the puns.  The pathetic plans of his evil agenda to “bring Australia into line” with “progressive” western countries by accepting potential ISIS operatives and promoting the homosexual line are likely to accelerate our country on the slippery slope to hell.

What can Christians do?  Pray of course that God’s will be done, and continue to lobby and in as many ways as possible “obey God rather than man.”  The worst the Church can do is remain asleep through all this – that’s all we need for evil to succeed.

I hope and pray I am wrong.  Hoping you are the same.

God bless you,


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