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False Prophet Pope

Does it seem to you that the whole of the mainstream media is falling over itself in its attempts to cover the Pope’s visit to America?  Every news bulletin in Australia is treating this event like a royal visit, and maybe on this occasion they are right, because the ramifications and following events will soon affect us all.

I am NOT arguing that this pope is necessarily THE false prophet of end times, but consider these points:

  1.  All popes fulfil some characteristics of the end time False Prophet as described in Revelation 13:11-18.  Particularly the part which reads “He had two horns like a lamb, but he spoke like a dragon.”  Popes wear the two-horned mitre on many occasions and often speak with a forked dragon tongue, see below.
  2. This pope’s inconsistencies and contradictions when he defies Church teachings on homosexuality (“Who am I to judge?”), silently avoids the issue of abortion and when he skates carefully around the Muslim murderers of Christians it is typical of what I would call dragon-like speech.
  3. His emphasis on worldly matters such as climate change, poverty and enforced wealth redistribution reveal that he is subtly getting all the world (except you and me I trust) to give him honour and glory because of his social gospel.  Catholic emphases on dominionism have not changed and we are being softened up for a world government it seems.
  4. His lack of emphasis on God and the Lord Jesus Christ is lamentable.  He is indeed A false prophet because in his speech to Congress he deliberately missed any opportunity he had of giving the Father and the Son all glory due to them, and of the true message of salvation.   Instead, his talk was all about his wonderful Marxist plan for the earth, clothed in the self-righteous verbiage of his Jesuit forebears and masters.
  5. He is playing into Muslim hands – he has failed to see the disaster on Europe’s doorstep and he purposely has being trying to bridge the gap by declaring that they and he worship the same god.  They probably do!
  6. In fact if he does become THE false prophet I would not die of shock…

All of which brings me to this conclusion, once again – “Do not be deceived” said Jesus in Matthew 24:4.  “Many false prophets will arise and will deceive many.”

Hoping you are continuing to stand firm and looking up, for our redemption is drawing near.

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