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Headlong into Hell

As the world rapidly skids its way downward headlong into perdition, much of the Church desperately seems to be wanting to join it.

Despite the many warnings given by Biblical Christians and others who attempt to awaken the deaf, many so-called Christians are deliberately ignoring them and, under the influence of the enemy are losing their first love, if they ever had a first love.

I’m not just talking about the obvious pro-Islam or pro-abortion or Word-Faith and happy-clappy crowds like we find at Gosford Anglican or Hillsong and their wannabee seeker-friendly clones, but about the apparently insidious attitudes which are being vocalised and transmitted to what might be called the “normal Churchgoer” by many of our denominational newsletters and magazines.  The result is that Churchgoers today seem to me to resemble nothing like those of the 1950’s and 60’s.

Their attitudes seem much more materialistic and less spiritual, their conversation much more crass and worldly, their dress much more slovenly and/or sexually suggestive, their entertainment much more central to their lives, and their “me first” philosophy so very obvious to those who grew up during and after World War II.

In other words, the Church is generally reflecting more and more the culture of the world all around us.

There are numerous reasons for this and primarily I blame their elders: those of my generation who did not keep the faith that was handed down to them.  Older Church leaders, pastors, ministers and others.

From personal experience I know some of those leaders who told us that the Church had to keep up with the current society or there would be no Church in the future – as if God could not superintend and build His own Church if that Church would continue in the Apostles’ doctrine.  And what do we now have?  A Church that gives us entertainment for worship, free-wheeling attitudes to extra-marital sex and perversions that were not even mentioned forty years ago.

We also are finding Christian attitudes to refugees that are based on left-wing ideologies rather than Christian charity, and socialistic-type support for the redistribution of international wealth based on a half-baked climate theory illogically linked to carbon emissions.

It was always going to happen, but to be in the thick of it now is quite hard to take, and yet, according to Paul, since we are living in the last days we are to lift up our heads and encourage one another because our redemption is drawing nearer.

So I will continue to warn all – Christians and whoever else might read this – to return to the study of the Scriptures, following the doctrines taught, not ceasing to pray and meeting together as we continue to live as the Lord taught us.  All the while when opportunities permit to clearly present our reasons for the “hope that is within us.”  That hope of course is our blessed faith in the return of our Saviour and Lord Jesus Christ.

Lord, come quickly!

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