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No Time for Sleeping

I have just finished reading an article which points out the dangers of false teaching in the supposedly solid gospel evangelical Church.  I would recommend you all to read it at:


The author shows how often false teachings will enter the Church through studying an author’s study guide book rather than the pure Word of God.  He asserts that often a ladies’ group will study a guide by someone like Beth Moore, Patricia Shirer, Kaye Arthur [my examples] or someone else, and end up with all kinds of weird ideas about how God reveals Himself to us, and how He wants us to act in the 21st century.

For examples of these aberrations I would recommend:


The women I have referenced are not alone, but they have been responsible for insinuating their faulty theologies into many Churches through ignorant study leaders.  Sometimes even the pastor may be involved, intentionally or not.

It is crucial that discerning pastors thoroughly evaluate any book being used for study by small groups; too much in the way of the true gospel is involved.  It’s not the right time to be sleeping.

God bless you.

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