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I recently went to see “God’s Not Dead 2”.  While it suffered (only slightly) from some over-acting by a couple of minor characters, overall it was well-produced and acted, although I did find some of the scene continuity was occasionally deficient.

Having said that, it was an excellent film which deals with the current rising tide of anti-Christian activity and interpretation occurring in America (and to some extent Australia).  Loosely based on a number of recent court cases, the film’s scriptwriters clearly tackled the issues of faulty constitutional interpretations which are being forced upon the Christian public by an activist judiciary.

A positive approach to prayer and to clear Biblical faith and understanding as well as historical knowledge and some clear thinking were well to the fore, and cameo appearances by Christian apologist and author Lee Strobel and others, produced the result that no-one can conscientiously ignore the historical personage of Jesus Christ.

The movie actually showed up the intellectual dishonesty of atheistic denials of the historicity of Jesus, and powerfully hit back at the growing popular antagonism.

I would recommend this film to any Christian who wants to be encouraged in his/her faith and to any non-Christian willing to be challenged by the truth.


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