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The Case for Christ

The Life of Robert Harkness will have to wait until next week, because today we took a neighbour to see the movie “The Case for Christ”, the true story of Lee Strobel, the journalist who tried to prove that Jesus Christ did not suffer and die for the sins of mankind.

Recognising that everything about Christianity would collapse like a pack of cards if the crucifixion and resurrection could be proven to be a lie, Strobel, a fact-chasing investigative journalist at the Chicago Tribune sets out to demonstrate to his wife that her unexpected conversion to Christ is illogical and unreasonable.

He sets out, despite a crumbling marriage, for over a year to fully investigate the historically verifiable event which he cannot accept.  However, despite his efforts, he finds he can’t escape the logical conclusion that Jesus really DID die for the sins of all and was indeed the Son of God.

Apologetics is not normally a subject for a mainstream movie, but in this case it works well.  If you read the actual words of Strobel, his wife and their friends,  it turns out that the script has been quite faithful to the filmed version, given the poor record of other Hollywood attempts to portray Christian characters and situations.

The script and the acting is the reason for an authentic story retaining all the truth, the agonising, relentless way the Holy Spirit pursues Strobel through his wife, his friends and the 13 experts who answer his sceptical questioning, through his relationship with his father and other “coincidences” of his own life.  C.S. Lewis once described his own conversion to Christ as being “pursued by the hound of heaven”, the love that would not let him go.

I found the acting in general to be excellent and the script-writing, the key to many a film, outstanding or disastrous, to be both authentic and clear.  As a result the characters, particularly those of Strobel and his wife, are multi-faceted and lifelike, which is to be expected as the whole story is based on truthful and honest truth-seeking.

This movie is better and more biblical than “The War Room” and even “God’s Not Dead” and it stands head and shoulders above “The Shack” which is a horrible devastation of the Trinity and full of faulty Bible misinterpretation.

I would never recommend anyone to watch “The Shack” which is full of heretical quotes and characters that offer a post-modern interpretation of the Trinity’s unchristian behaviour, completely divorced from the God who has revealed Himself through the Bible.  Don’t waste time or money on “The Shack.”  Try some Bible study instead.

Lindsay Smail.



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