A Newsletter of Opinion on Current Australian Christianity

Whatever has happened to preaching in today’s Christian church? Basically many preachers and Church leaders in Australia are falling in fear of their enemies: not only by compromising with worldly interests, but fear of supposed repercussions from evil, anti-Christian homosexual groups, or of other outspoken opponents, which are all too often backed by Government agencies or “equality activist” courts.

These influences have all played a part in silencing some previously godly men. Some preachers are too scared to publically name false teachers, effectively compromising their own message. How does a congregation member know who is right and who is wrong unless he knows who and what to look for in other teachers?

Much of the time an appeal to these preachers is fobbed off with different arguments, but they usually result in rejection or compromise. Our Church leaders and preachers really need our prayers but their hearts must be open and their minds must be ready to accept the clear teachings about a Christian’s requirement to judge righteously in the New Testament.

The Hillsong leader, Brian Houston, has recently spoken out against Israel Folau’s social media declaration that God sends ALL sinners to Hell. The Rugby player has stood by his statement, which is very consistent with the whole purpose and direction of Christianity, to the point where he has been sacked, condemned by Houston who should know better and by Alan Joyce of Qantas who may not know better, but I doubt it.

Most Christians in Australia know that what Folau did was to post a home-made paraphrase of 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 on social media. This has now become such a heinous crime and his critics have jumped on the bandwagon to demonise him merely for preaching the gospel. It has become a scary thing to quote the Bible and many Church leaders have started to shake in fear.

But Folau doesn’t need the condemnation of a supposedly Christian leader such as Brian Houston.

The situation has become so farcical – it is actually extremely ironic. One commentator wrote in so many words that Folau was being criticised by those who did not believe the Book from which he quoted (the Bible), the place he declared God would sent all sinners (not just homosexuals – to Hell) or the existence of the Person who authored the statement (God).

And Brian Houston, the “Christian” leader won’t even back him up, but instead condemns his poor timing and lack of good judgment.

I am praying that all Australian Christians will continue to support Israel Folau for his courageous action in preaching the Gospel to a large audience.

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