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The widely-followed website Reformation Charlotte has recently reported on several false teachers coming together in a TV show presented by Hillsong leader Brian Houston.  Joel Osteen and Brian Houston are in a class of their own when it comes to Word-Faith and Prosperity Gospel heresies, but to be gladly embraced by the Baptist darling Beth Moore is a new development which has dangerous possibilities for all true Christians in the USA and Australia.

The following article not only expands on this growing ecumenism shown by popular so-called evangelicals, but it specially causes me to ask the question once again to all Church pastors and leaders in this country:  Why are we still supporting these false gospels and ministries by SINGING THEIR SONGS in our worship services?  

Do the normal Christians in congregations around the world realise that their own Churches are supporting false teachers and ministries by paying royalties to the music ministry of Hillsong?  Do the pastors of our Churches who encourage people to read Beth Moore’s books know what she is openly doing and saying when she uncritically unites with other false teachers?

The situation is getting very dangerous in Bible-believing Churches in Australia at the moment.

Beth Moore Joins Rank Apostates, Joel Osteen, Matt Crouch, For Hillsong Channel Show

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