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As reported today in the Caldron Pool by Mark Powell, Israel Folau’s playing contract was terminated because of the simple fact that he quoted from the Bible and posted it on his social media page.

In a transcript reproduced by Miranda Devine from the Sunday Telegraph, the code of conduct meeting in May 2019 heard that even if Folau had merely “photocopied the passages referred to in the posts … [it] would have caused a problem.”

Therefore the implication is that Folau’s playing contract was terminated, not because he was quoting in an offensive manner towards anyone, but that he quoted from the Bible at all.

Mark Powell continues “Of course it would have been a completely different story if Folau had quoted a different religious text from say, the Quran or the Hadiths.” What would have happened if he had quoted those texts, both of which condemn homosexuality?

It is now very obvious that Rugby Australia and its CEO Raelene Castle have a problem with Christianity.

Miranda Devine states in conclusion: “Having unilaterally condemned the foundational document of Judaeo-Christian civilization as akin to hate speech, she [Castle] boasted in a press conference that her decision was a “landmark” which “will change the landscape for rugby and sport.”

So quoting from the Bible now appears as a very dangerous thing to do for sportsmen and women, and, depending on upcoming court cases, for all Christians in the future.

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