A Newsletter of Opinion on Current Australian Christianity


Hi – I’m Lindsay.  Having been a Christian for over half a century I have seen a lot of changes.  I am particularly concerned that the vast majority of Christian Churches in Australia seem to be teaching a Christianity which doesn’t line up very well with the pure faith as taught in the New Testament by Jesus and His apostles.

My call is to the Church today to get back to the Scriptures, teach the real gospel of salvation by faith in God’s grace alone and encourage their people to live according to the examples given by Jesus and the apostle Paul.  Too much emphasis by Church leaders is given to such things as worldly entertainment-type worship, being ‘seeker-sensitive’, trivialising God, chasing the dollar and ignoring the Bible’s prophetic value.

In this field I have majored in master’s level Christian apologetics.  Despite all the study I have been happily married to my one wife for over 45 years, have three adult children and nine grandchildren.

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  1. I couldn’t figure out how to leave a comment on the article about “Auld Lang Syne,” the link just kept going to the article.

    I wanted to thank you for the link to my blog, but also to make a correction. I don’t know if the quote was actually from MacArthur, as it was a paragraph in a letter from his ministry, so it may or may not have been actually MacArthur’s quote. A friend sent it to me and he noted that it didn’t say who the author of the newsletter was, but that the citation was in regards to a series MacArthur was teaching.

  2. carlkindred said:

    I couldnt leave a comment on the article ‘ What is discernment’, so Im leaving one here.
    Please try and see if you can sort the situation regarding leaving comments section not working.
    I found the article to be clear and on point.
    Needs to be heard by the majority of the church today, as we are clearly in the end times.

  3. Hi Carl. Thanks for the comment. I haven’t enabled comments because it would slow down my working processes and add to my workload! Hope this doesn’t sound too arrogant 🙂

  4. carlkindred said:

    All good! I understand. Its an excellent article. Our prayers for you and Barbara!

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