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The World Reset is Coming

The latest prophecy from Pastor J.D. Farag can be seen in the following video.  In this one he shows how delusion in society and the church leads to general lawlessness and eventually the “perfect storm” for the coming of the antichrist.

He speaks of the agenda of the global system (one government, one religion and one econony) is well developed so that 85% of ideological subversion or brainwashing has been progressing at least over the last 30 years.  This process includes a 15 to 20 year demoralising effect on western culture, followed by a destabilising effect over a period of five years, a major crisis over six weeks such as Covid-19 and societal unrest, followed by a programmed totalitarianism when beliefs freedom vanishes and beliefs cannot be changed.

Major world leaders such as Henry Kissinger has referred to a world government which will be responsible for the term the “Great Reset”, and the World Economic Forum in October 2019 planned how a world pandemic could be handled when Covid-19 broke out just a few weeks later.

May I recommend that you refer to J.D. Farag’s future videos on YouTube to see how the satanic evils of the as yet unknown antichrist are combining with both willing and ignorant helpers of Satan to bring about the “Great Reset” in world government just after the rapture of Christians.

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